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International Mountain Leader (IML)
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The logo of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors of which I am a member.  I hold the Mountaineering Instructor Award, MIA and the Winter Mountain Leader, Winter ML The logo of Mountain Training England provide training & assessment courses for the SPA on behalf of the MTE

Qualifications - RCI

Getting Qualified | Instructor Courses

Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI)


This replaces the Climbing Wall Award (CWA)

Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) refresher courses


Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) replaces the Single Pitch Award (SPA)

Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) Link

The MT (Mountain Training) minimum course requirements is to "have been climbing for at least 12 months & have lead at least 15 graded climbs" , However the more experience you have the more you will be able to get out of the course.

Prior to attending a training course you will need to:
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  • Be Registered with the RCI scheme

    Prior to attending an assessment course you will need to:
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  • Be registered with the RCI scheme
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  • Have attended a training course or have been granted exemption from training
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  • Have gained further experience
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  • Be proficient in the use of climbing walls
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  • Competently lead to severe standard outside with leader placed (not bolts) protection
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  • Hold a valid first aid certificate
    Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI)2

    Further Information

    For further information regarding the RCI please contact us. Courses require a minimum number of participants to be run due to the constraints of the home nation training board [Mountain Training] ratios.
    Private courses can be accommodated by arrangement, four participants being required as a minimum.
    Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) 1

    Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) refresher courses

    This is a one day course aiming to guide the course members to the standard of RCI assessment:
    The course will look at this by:
  • A practical overview of the Rock Climbing Instructor syllabus.
  • The day will be tailored to the needs of course members and there will be ample opportunity for questions.
  • The day is suitable for trainees preparing for assessment and also for award holders who feel in need of a refresher.
    From time to time we may advertise dates for these course. If thare are no dates, but you wish to be on one of these course please contact us to arrange a date for you.
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